AKYAPAK Beam Drilling Line

Mesin CNC Beam Drilling Line adalah rangkaian mesin yang berfungsi melubangi H Beam, UNP, INP, Kanal C, Hollow, dll.


Akyapak has 54th years of experience and engineering expertise in a variety of products. Akyapak’s passion and dedication, which are reflected in every Akyapak machine in the market, to provide premium engineered  solutions allow us to be more than your typical machinery manufacturer.

AKYAPAK Beam Drilling Machine


The base frame of the machine consists of robust steel profiles and frames of motion axes consist of cast iron. The frame of the machine is designed with FEM simulation and thus mechanical solidity is guaranteed, optimizing suitable material selection, vibration and tension damping, and dimensional stability.


The 3 ADM is equipped with sub-axis (z-axis) that enables independent control of spindles along 500 mm in the length of beam without repositioning it. After making a hole in the beam, there is no need to drive the beam to make another hole in the z-axis. Each spindle can move independently in 3 axes while the beam is stationary. This feature reduces processing time considerably and increases efficiency (approx. 3 times faster than the 2 ADM model).

The independent motion ability provides combining operations: While processing one side of the flange, it is possible to perform other operations (drilling, marking, tapping, milling, etc.) independently on the opposing flange and web.



The 3 ADM is equipped with servo motors that provide precise motion and includes 3 high speed 22 kW spindle motors.


The roller linear guidance system, which provides high rigidity and a load carrying capacity, is used in all internal axis of the frame. This system supports all loads and moments from all directions.

Accurate positioning and high feed rates are guaranteed with servo motor driven ball screws.


Spindle speed can be adjustable steplessly. The spindle approaches the material with a maximum feed rate until it reaches the safety distance from material. It decreases the required feed rate in safety distance and in this way the drilling cycle time is reduced.


MQL minimizes the environmental impact using 100% natural, vegetable oil-based mixture and eleminating the need for cleaning coolant liquid. Almost-dry processing allows the machine to proceed to the next operation (welding, marking, etc.) without wasting time for coolant liquid disposal.

The lubricants reduce friction better than conventional oils, thus longer tool life is obtained, resulting in shorter downtime of the machine. (Approx. 25% faster drilling speed and 20% longer tool life)

The lubricant is typically mixed with a small amount of compressed air.

The 5 liter capacity coolant system for internal cooling of drilling tools and 2 liter of lubricant for installation of the machine are provided. More lubricants can also be provided upon request (5 lt. or 25 lt.).


The moveable 8 kW (total) hydraulic power unit generates high working pressure. Hoses and connections used are resistant under high pressure hydraulic circuit. Warming up of hydraulic oil is prevented with a oil-cooling fan placed on the hydraulic unit.

Easy intervention and troubleshooting are carried out thanks to themoving hydraulic unit.



The centeral lubrication system consists of a grease pump and main and intermediate distributors. 54 lubrication points on the machine are lubricated automatically and periodically by this system. It is designed to resist 250 bar oil pressure.

All moveable components work smoothly and have a longer lifetime thanks to auto-lubrication system.


Electrical components used in the system such as thermic, contactor, relay, etc. are high quality products from internationally known brands.

All components and drivers are kept at a constant temperature in the electrical enclosure with a standard air-conditioner.


The feeding arm with gripper carries out longitudinal positioning of the beam. The precise motion ability is guaranteed with a servo driven rack and pinion system (positioning accuracy: 0.01).

Short beams can also be processed with the feeding arm system compared to roller measurement systems. The positioning system is not effected by scale, rust and weather conditions and is therefore more accurate. There is no need for an additional unit to drive the beams towards the saw station.

The feeding arm can be turned 90 degree in order to grab the beam in a different position.

Max. speed30 m/min


Material length, width and height are measured automatically by independent measurement systems provided on the machine. An operator sets the material type with dimensions in the program so that the software determines as to how many points the measurement of material height will be performed. The flanges and web heights are measured automatically with a measurement probe. When a beam is clamped horizontally, the width of the beam is measured automatically with a measurement probe. Material length is measured by means of a laser sensor at the exit of the machine.

The software stores those dimensions and thus determines the required real dimensions to start the process and more accurate results are obtained.

The tool length is measured automatically by a laser sensor, when a new tool is placed in the tool changer.

Material dimensions and drill length are measured automatically, thus saving time and providing operating safety.


Three automatic tool changing unit are provided, one for each spindle and each unit has four stations for different tools.

The ATC system enables the machine to change tools quickly and automatically, thus eleminating manual intervention and reducing downtime of the machine.  

Capacity8 kg for each station.


Beams are clamped on the horizontal plane between rollers hydraulically and vertical clamping is performed hydraulically by pressure apparatuses. Deflections and vibrations generated during drilling operation are prevented thanks to 16 hardened rollers that come in contact with the beam from both sides.


Marking with scribing tools on 3 surfaces of beams is provided.

Scribing depth1-3 mm
Air motor speed19000 rpm / 6 bar


Hydraulic marking unit is provided as an option. Hydraulic marking can be performed only on an exterior surface of beams by hydraulic cylinder pressure. 40 characters including letters and numbers are available on the rotating disk, which is positioned through a servo motor.

Characters height15 mm
Characters depth1-3 mm


The heavy steel conveyors provide a steady structure for processing. The height of conveyors can be adjusted so as to keep the level the same.

The outfed steel conveyor rolls are motor driven.

Height800 mm (+/- 25 mm height adjustment)
Max. speed15 m/min


Transfer tables are integrated into the infeed and outfeed systems to ensure that the material is at the most suitable position for starting the operation and to remove the processed material from the working area safely besides eliminating the need for crane operations. The work-flow safety and continuity are also guaranteed with transfer tables.


A bottom support unit is an optional feature provided on the machine to perevent deflections that occur on thin webs, plates, etc.


The chips that pile-up in the machine during drilling operations can be disposed with an optional chip conveyor.


The remote control allows the operator to check and inspect the process in safely without walking around.


If the doors are opened during production, the machine stops automatically to provide a safe working environment.


A safety fence is provided upon request to prevent entering dangerous areas. The safety fence has various types and dimensions.

The interlocking door is integrated with safety fencing. When the sensor notices that the interlocking door is opened, all systems of the relevant zone will be shut down immediately.


Light curtains are provided upon request to detect approaches in a dangerous area. When a light curtain is crossed, all systems of the relevant area will be shut down immediately.


All Akyapak Drill Lines are in compliance with CE regulations and meet the following international standards.

Related Directives and Annex: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC/Annex VIII

Related Standards:

  • EN ISO 12100:2010
  • EN 12717:2001+A1:2009
  • EN 60204-1:2006/AC:2010


CNC CONTROL SYSTEM: Mitsubishi C70 Series CNC

iQ Platform CNC CPUs

The Q173NCCPU enables CNC Control to be integrated with Sequence, Motion, and Robot automation systems. Also known as the C70 Series CNC Controller, an iQ CNC CPU system uses multi-purpose GOT1000 HMIs and on-rack I/O cards to minimize TCO on CNC line solutions

Key Features

  • Accelerated communication speed over the inter-CPU shared memory
  • Up to 16 axes with 4 simultaneously controlled axes per CPU, 2 CPUs per system
  • 16.8k Block/min processing speed
  • Streamlined production with reduced Tact Time and host information system linkage
  • Uses GOT1000 HMI and iQ rack-based I/O card interfaces
  • SSCNETIII benefits, including noise free, 50Mbps, fiber optic communication.
  • Mitsubishi Touch Screen

Programing Software

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork is a new module in the family of Lantek Flex3d products focused on designing and machining of standard profiles (I, U, L, T and square or round tubes).

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork is a stand-alone product and it does not require any other additional Lantek software. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in the sheet metal market, Lantek has been able to create a powerful off-line design and programming system for profile cutting machines in all their different versions: Sawing and drilling.

Easy and Flexible Design

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork allows for 3D design in an intuitive and simple way, giving a real vision of the result that the user will obtain when drilling and sawing the profile on the machine. The user can create any type of standard profile in a very flexible way. It is a parametric system allowing the user to change the values of any of the operations made previously, including the possibility of changing the initial parameters of each profile (enlarge, shorten, etc.). Once the design process is complete, the user can simulate in 3D the head movement of the machine displaying each machining operation that is processed along the tube or the profile (profiling, drilling, sawing). The user can also generate the NC file to send directly to the machine. Lantek Flex3d SteelWork, can be adapted to work with any profile or tube machine.

Technical Characteristics

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork displays the exact profile and simulates in 3D each process, reducing to a minimum the possibility of errors.

It offers the user the possibility to create standard sections (I, U, L, T, circular or square tube etc). This eliminates the need for the user to duplicate the entry of information to create a profile. It is only necessary to select one of the standard base sections and insert the length and material. The system is based on database technology, allowing for the complete management of the different profile products and remnants and gaining really quick access to them.

DSTV, SAT, and CAM importers

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork can import data generated by 3rd party CAD systems used for designing structures such as DSTV, SAT, and CAM files (DSTV fie importing is a standard feature. Importing of all other files such as SAT and CAM are optional features)

It allows the user to import different formats including machining operations and make any modification for production. The system converts the DSTV, SAT, and CAM files into the native format for Lantek Flex3d which allows the user to apply modifications in a natural and easy way.

It also has the possibility to modify, add, and delete any machining operation required for the profile. Lantek Flex3d can easily interpret the various properties of each file such as material thickness, material type, and quantity if supported by the imported format.

Tekla NC files is easily imported to Lantek                       Flex3D to create CNC programs as Standard 

Design Options

Apart from the basic operations of drilling, shearing, marking, and sawing, the system offers the possibility to create cutting operations from geometry imported from the Lantek 2D module and imported formats such as DXF. There are also dimensioning features to check the measurements of any geometry or machining operations of the profile.

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork offers the user the possibility to apply the following operations:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic drilling operations along the profile (any flanges and/or web)
  • Automatic and semi-automatic cutting operations (sawing).
  • Automatic tools for text and contour marking operations.
  • Copy machining. The user has the chance to make copies of any machining already made on the profile. Modifications on machining will be applied to any copy of the original.

Cutting Profiles Simulation

Lantek Flex3d SteelWork allows you to simulate each profile operation such as, drilling, cutting,  and the work zone. Lantek Flex3d SteelWork will automatically generate the NC file for each machine from the machined contours on each profile. Lantek Flex3d SteelWork detects any potential collisions automatically and gives the user the tools to modify them manually. The system will automatically avoid collisions where possible. Where collisions occur, the system will display them on the screen during the simulation phase.

The user can also make zoom, movements, rotations, and different axis positioning on the profile while viewing the simulation. The operator also can make drawings on Tekla and transfer it to Lantek Flex3d SteelWork.


Online support can be provided by Akyapak engineers via Teamviewer, connecting to the customer’s computer on which Lantek is installed. The engineers can monitor the machine and analyze the data online and in this way problems can be solved easily and quickly, maintaining the running of your machine.

Broadband internet connection is required for the machine connection. Ethernet line is provided by the customer to where the machine is installed.



Controller Mitsubishi
Operating RangemmMin. 80 x 80 Max. 1200 x 500
Drilling Units 3
Drill Diametermm10 – 40  (Carbide and U-drill) 40 – 50  (U-drill only)
Thread Tapping M12 – M24
Drill Holder BT40
Spindle Speedrpm50 – 3000 stepless
Spindle PowerkW22
Spindle TorqueNm280
Tool Changer 3 x 4
Weight per linear meterkg/m1000
Spindle positioning speed / returning speedm/min15
Machine Weightkg13000


ANGLEminimummm80 x 80 x 8
  inch3.15” x 3.15” x 1/3”
 maximummm250 x 250 x 28
  inch9.84” x 9.84”x 1.1”
U CHANNELminimummm80 x 45 x 6
  inch3.15”x1.77”x 1/4”
 maximummm400 x 110 x 14
  inch15.74“ x 4.33“ x 0.55“
HEAminimummm96 x 100 x 5
 maximummm990 x 300 x 16,5
HEBminimummm100 x 100 x 6
  inch3.93“x3.93“x ¼“
 maximummm1000 x 300 x 19
HEMminimummm120 x 106 x 12
 maximummm1008 x 302 x 21
H WELDED PROFILEmaximummm1250 x 500 x 50
IPEminimummm80 x 46 x 3,6
 maximummm770 x 268 x 15,6
IPNminimummm80 x 42 x 3,9
 maximummm550 x 200 x 19
  inch21.6”x 7.87”x 0.74”


Akyapak Miter Band Saw has been designed with a rigid frame and equipped with high quality components to guarantee the best sawing results. With the increased cutting speed, the Akyapak Miter Band Saw can cut materials at 90°or at miters. The saw can be installed in tandem with an Akyapak Beam Drilling Line or as a separate line.

A steel swarf brush removes swarfs from the blade and thus the saw’s performance increases, keeping wear at a minimum.

The automatic blade tensioning system, which is controlled hydraulically, reduces faults in the cutting process. The saw approaches the material with a maximum feed rate. When it almost touches the materials, it decreases to the required feed rate and thus the sawing cycle reduces.

The material is fed through the saw in a straight position. The saw can carry out miter sawing operation up to an angle of 45° to the left and 60° to the right. The saw is turned to the required position by a servo motor via CNC. After it reaches the required position, the main frame is clamped by compact hydraulic cylinders.

When the saw frame is turning, rollers on both sides of the saw rise by 10 mm. Thus easy and fast turning of the saw is guaranteed, reducing wear on the table of the saw.


MQL minimizes enviromental impact, using an 100% natural, vegetable oil-based mixture and eliminating the need of cleaning coolant liquid. Almost-dry processing allows the machine to proceed to the next operation (welding, marking, etc.) without wasting time for coolant disposal.

The lubricants reduce friction better than conventional oils, thus longer blade life is guaranteed, resulting in shorter downtime of the machine.       

The lubricant is typically mixed with a small amount of compressed air.


The beam is clamped on both sides through the hydraulic cylinder and vice, preventing movements of the material during sawing to provide the best cutting results.


Clamping with double hydraulic cylinder separately is provided for special cuts and better clamping upon request.


Better clamping of the material into the vertical plane is provided upon request, applying pressure to the material through the hydraulic cylinder at the exit of the saw and in this way more accurate cuts are guaranteed.


The cut short products are transported to the discharging conveyor by a special magnetic plate and thereafter transferred to out of the conveyor system.

Magnetic plate holding force15-17 kg/cm2


Main Saw MotorkW111515
Mitering Servo MotorkW1.51.51.5
Brush MotorkW0.120.120.12
Coolant Oil Pump (opt)kWMQLMQLMQL
Hydraulic PumpkW5.55.55.5
Bandsaw lenghtmm901090609860
Blade typeLenoxArmorRx+ 54×1,6 TPI:2/3
ArmorRx+ 54×1,6 TPI:2/3
ArmorRx+ 67×1,6 TPI:2/3
Cutting Speedm/min20-10020-10020-100
Length x Width x Heightmm4740x2350x25004840x2350x25005040x2350x2500
Working Heightmm800800800
Weight kg668070808080
Mitering angle°+60°/-45°+60°/-45°+60°/-45°
Sawing Capacity max. (WxH)mm1200×5001300×6001500×600
Sawing Capacity min. (WxH)mm80×8080×8080×80


Cutting Capacity 0°Roundmm500600600
Cutting Capacity +45°Roundmm500600600
Cutting Capacity +60°Roundmm500600600
Cutting Capacity +15°Roundmm500600600
Cutting Capacity +30°Roundmm500600600



12 Months. The warranty expires in case of incorrect utilization and requires using original Akyapak spare parts and consumables. The warranty period starts after installation and commissioning of the equipment. 

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Mesin Cut to Length / Coil Shearing merk KING JIME


drawing mesin cut to length


mesin cut to length merk KING JIME
Bongkar Mesin King Jime

Salah satu mesin yang penting di dunia Sheet Metal adalah Mesin Cut To Length.

Mesin Cut to Length adalah mesin yang berfungsi untuk membuka, meluruskan dan memotong secara melintang Coil sehingga menjadi lembaran plat.

Mesin Cut to Length ini sangat menentukan karena kepresisian ukuran potong berpengaruh kepada pengerjaan material selanjutnya.

Technical datas:



MATERIAL: Hot Rolled steel

Coil ID: 508 mm

Strip width : 1600 mm (Max.)

Thickness : 1.0-6.0mm

Coil weight : 25Tons (Max.)

Out put :

Stacking length : 500-4000mm


Line speed : Max 25m/ min  (MAX.)

Production : Cutting quantity(pcs):5pcs/min, 3000mm/pcs)

Accuracy (LENGTH) : +/- 1.0 mm /M

Accuracy (DIAGONAL) : +/- 1.0mm/2M

Accuracy (LEVELLING): +/- 2.0mm/ m2

Incoming Power Source : AC(380±10%)V, 3 phase,50HZ

Control Power Source : AC 220V,50 HZ

Solenoid Valves : AC 220V,50 HZ

Machine direction:from left to right or right to left,face to operation cabinet(optional)

Machine color:blue and yellow


  1. Hydraulic Coil car
  2. Hydraulic Decoiler
  3. Hydraulic entry guide device
  4. Four hi straightener
  5. Pinch roller
  6. Shearing Machine
  7. Lifting table
  8. Hydraulic Systems
  9. Pneumatic Systems
  10. Electrical System PLC Control


  1. Coil car:

It is used to ship coils onto the center of decoiler.

Technical Data:

  • Type of Coil Car       : Guide Bar Type, Floor mounted
  • Lift Capacity          :25Tons (Max.)
  • Lift / Lower function : By hydraulic cylinders with four Colum
  • Lubricant: Grease gun.
  • Hydraulic Decoiler

It is hydraulic expansion, including hydraulic press device and mechanical guiding device, to guide coil tip into the straightener and there is assistant support device.

Technical Data:

  • Capacity          : 25Tons
  • Expansion:hydraulic
  • Expansion range suitable for coil ID: 508mm,610mm
  • Lubricant: Grease gun.

5. Entry guide

It consists of frame, supporting device, press device and drive system. Lifting of supporting device and press device is driven by hydraulic to make coils tip into the straightener.

  • Four hi straightener

It adopts pinch rolls and Leveling rolls. Upper and lower leveling rolls drive by universal coupling. Upper and lower leveling rolls have supporting rolls, support force is adjustable. Reduction and angle is adjusted by upper leveling rolls according to different thickness. Two adjustment methods : manual fine adjustment and electric rough adjustment. Lubrication adopts grease lubrication pump to center lubrication.

●Type of straightener:   4 Hi, Work roll driven.

●Work Roll:  Quantity of Rolls – 13 Nos.

●Size of Rolls – Ø120MM x 1600 MM Length

●Material – 42CrMo

●Treatment—hardening and tempering, intermediate frequency quenching

●Hardness –HRC 55

●Surface Plating – Chrome Plating

●Motor: 90KW AC Siemens motor

7. Pinch out roll

It consists of frame, stand housing, sliding block, feeding rollers, lifting device and power device. Upper roll lift by hydraulic.

8. Hydraulic shear

Δ8×2000 hydraulic shear

9. Hydraulic lift table

It includes base, connecting rod device, hydraulic lifting system, table and drive device, it is used to stack sheet.

10. Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system includes hydraulic station and hydraulic accessories.

Flux:25L/min         Pressure:12MPa         Power:5.5KW

11. Pneumatic systems:

Pneumatic system includes pneumatic control station and pneumatic accessories.

Capacity:1L                       Pressure:0.6MPa

12. Electrical System:

Electrical System supply will remain in our scope and is provided with following list.

The electrical system is consist of following

  • PLC for interlocking and programming from Siemens, Germany.
  • Touch Panel screen from Germany Siemens.

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Mesin Slitting Line untuk Logam Merk KING JIME

Dalam proses fabrikasi sheet metal atau plat logam terdapat istilah coil. Coil adalah lembaran logam yang digulung sedemikian rupa sehingga membentuk semacam tabung logam dan diikat. Bentuk Coil logam ini tujuannya adalah untuk memudahkan proses transport material.

Coil ini awalnya dipasang pada uncoiler dari mesin slitting logam.

Dengan mesin Slitting selanjutnya coil akan dibagi2 menggunakan blade slitting sampai dengan ukuran lebar diinginkan. setelah itu digulung jadi coil lagi yang lebih kecil ukuran lebarnya.

I.Technical information:


Material weight: Max 5tons

Material thickness:0.4-1.0 mm

Coil ID:508mm

Material width: max 1300mm

Slitting speed: 0-60m/min

Incoming Power Source : AC380V, 3 phase,50HZ

Control Power Source : AC 220V,50 HZ

Solenoid Valves : AC 220V,50 HZ

Set up Position : from left to right or right to left(optional)

Machine color:blue and yellow

II. Machine parts in the working line

  1. Decoiler                         
  2. Bridge table  I                              
  3. coil guide and pinch roll                    
  4. Slitting machine
  5. scrap winder (both sides)
  6. Bridge table  II
  7. separator and tension table
  8. Recoiler
  9. Over arm separator in the recoiler.

10.10 pieces of blades and Matched accessories:spacer,wooden for slitting machine,separator and separator disc for recoiler.

Ⅳ.Technical description

1. Decoiler with manual expansion

Function: Loading coils and create tension for coil strips, it consists of frame, main shaft, expandable core, press device, and driven device.

Main Structure: Welded by section steel, A3 steel, #45 forged steel, annealed after welding; bearing pedestals are achieved by one time boring to ensure concentricity and no radial movement.

2.Bridge table  I

The entry loop will create a buffer zone for easier centering for next stage process. Light source and sensors is provided for sensing the loop position.


Type    : Bridge table.

  • Structure           : Steel fabrication
  • Lubricant          : Grease gun

3. Coil guide and pinch roll

Function: Guiding strip into slitter. It consists of side guide, pinch roll and short transition bridge.


◆Side guide:Width shall be adjustable manually with hand-wheel and movement shall be

accomplished by guiding shaft with Left Hand & Right Hand Thread on the same shaft.

A fabricated body with roller mounted vertically at two sides (2 Nos. rollers each side). Roller is mounted vertically.

  • Width range         : 0~1300mm
  • Adjustment         : manual
  • Lubricant           : Grease gun

◆Pinch roll: 2 pinch rolls with PU rubber coated, the upper roll is adjustable by cylinder.

4. Slitting machine

Function: Slit strip into narrower sizes, it consists of frame, blade shafts, shaft housing, lifting device and driven system.

Main frame is welded by section steel, annealed after welding

Blade shaft material: 42CrMn alloy steel, Ф120mmx1300mm, it’s rough tooled, tempered, medium frequency modulated, grinded, hard chrome plated and regrinded etc. to ensure accuracy of slitting,

Fixation of shaft: Fixed by double nuts

Shaft housing: Housing and upper bearing pedestals use #45 cast steel, lower bearing pedestals use #45 forged steel. Shaft housing is movable by electric control, shaft is lifted by electric control through screw.

Driven System: 

  • Type               : Round knife cutting.
  • Structure           : Fabricated Steel, 42CrMn alloy steel
  • Slitter Axel          : Ø120mm × 1300mm× 2
  • Slitting Speed        : max 60 m/min.
  • Vertical adjustment   :Motorizes anti-backlash worm gear for

Vertical adjustment

  • cutter clamping       : Nuts
  • Lubricant            : Grease gun
  • Motor:AC 22KW

5. Scrap winder

Function: Inspecting strip width; winding up scraps


◆Scrap Winder: It consists of frame welded by steel plates, end plate and articulated expandable stand, winding device and driven system.

6. Bridge table  II

The entry loop will create a buffer zone for easier centering for next stage process. Light source and sensors is provided for sensing the loop position.

Type                   : bridge table.

  • Structure           : Steel fabrication
  • Lubricant          : Grease gun

7. Strip separator and tension unit

Function: Position and create tension for the strips before rewinding, it consists of main frame, separating frame, tension station, guide roll.


◆Welded structure of section steel, steel plate, annealed after welding.

◆Separating frame: Connected by 2 guide rods with hard chrome plated, lifted by cylinder, separating pieces are installed on shaft and removable.

◆Tension station: It consists of side housing, upper and lower plate with woolen felt.

◆Guide roll: Guiding strip to rewinder, it consists of bearing pedestal, seamless steel pipes, wrapped by PU rubber.

  • Structure               : Steel fabrication
  • Separator roll           : Ø 100mm × 1300mm

8. Recoiler with manual expansion

Function: Loading and creating tension for strip rewinding, it consists of frame, main shaft, core with clamp, separating device etc


◆Main frame: It consists of frame welded by section steel, A3 steel, #45 steel forged bearing pedestals which are treated by one time boring to ensure concentricity.

◆Separator: Separating and positioning of strip before rewinding. It consists of separating roll with hard chrome plated, support arm, driven force increases with expanding diameter of coil.

  • Recoiler ID        :  Ø 508
  • Mandrel Surface    : Chromium plated
  • Load capacity         : Max.5tons
  • Motor : AC 37KW

Mesin Slitting membutuhkan beberapa orang operator untuk menjalankannya. Dibutuhkan koordinasi yang baik antara bagian awal, tengah dan akhir line agar produksi bisa berlangsung dengan mulus.

Jika anda ada kebutuhan mesin slitting atau uncloiler atau decoiler atau bahkan messin cut to length.

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Band Saw Machine / Mesin Gergaji Pita merk COSEN


Semi-Automatic Double Column

Heavy-Duty Bandsaw

COSEN’s SH-1713 is an extremely heavy duty production machine, which incorporates a massive base, twin column saw frame guide with top link cross, which keeps a strong support and equal cutting force over the entire cutting cycle. In addition, its basic equipment includes a 20 HP blade motor, efficient planetary gear box, 80mm (3 1/8”) wide blade and an independent control panel for easy operation. The massive structure and precision ground columns of this machine make Cosen’s SH-1713 ideal for cutting alloys and large forged materials.


Maximum Cutting Capacity Rounds
Rec H x W
1300 mm (51.2”)
1300 mm (51.2”)
1300 x 1700 mm (51.2” x 67”)
Saw Blade Size
13000 x 80 x 1.6mm (512” x 3 1” x 0.06”)
15 – 80 m/min (49 – 264 fpm)
Automatic Hydraulic
Hydraulic Clamping Force Electric Power Driven Wire Brush
Motor Output Blade
20 hp (15 KW)
3 hp (2.2 KW)
0.5 hp (0.375 KW)
Tank Capacity Hydraulic Oil
160 L
200 L
Vise Control Method Hydraulic  
Workbed Height 620 mm (24.4”)
Machine Weight 22000 kg (48500 lbs)
Floor Space (LxWxH) 3000 x 5892 x 4228 mm (118” x 232” x 166.5”)


Machine Structure

  • The heavy duty, rigid saw frame is supported by two large bore hydraulic cylinders, providing unsurpassed rigidity, and the smoothest cutting attainable throughout the cutting cycle.
  • Dual Column design with rigid, precision ground columns ensures smooth saw frame movement and the consistently stable cutting force required throughout the cutting cycle.

Blade Drive & Lubrication System

  • Planetary gear reducer drive is used to drive the blade and provides an increased level of torque efficiency than a worm gear reducer. With Cosen’s specially designed planetary gearbox equipped to your machine, mechanical efficiency can be raised to above 90%, largely increasing cutting efficiency and saving your electrics bills. While due to low efficiency, the traditional worm gearbox may fail to drag along the blade and cause jammed blade, Cosen’s planetary gearbox would not have this problem at all. Specially designed to sustain high lateral pressure, this drive system facilitates even more perfect cutting performance.
  • Inverter Blade Speed Control is used for higher efficiency and accurate infinitely variable blade speed with easy to read LED speed indicator.
  • Powered Chip Brush is driven by an independent electric motor for optimum blade cleaning, prolonging blade life & blade guides.
  • Hydraulically powered guide arm is positioned from the operator’s counsel permitting more efficient cutting by being moved closer to the material. 

Blade Guidance System

  • Hydraulic Blade Tension insures consistently accurate recommended blade tension for straight cuts and increased blade life.  The blade tension is slightly released when the machine is idle, resulting in longer blade life.
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension System, with large easy to read pressure gauge, makes changing saw blade easy and convenient.
  • Carbide blade guides are activated hydraulically providing consistent and correct blade guide adjustment insuring straight cuts.
  • Carbide Blade Guides provides continual self-adjusting blade support for straight cuts and are relieved to facilitate coolant flow thru the guides for extended blade life.
  • Additional blade guiding bearings contacting the back of the blade provides extra support for added penetrating force for faster cuts.
  • Heavy cast iron moveable Guide Arm is hydraulically powered from the operator’s control counsel for easy operation, and efficient cutting.


  • Last Cut function will allow the operator to complete a cut with the machine able to safe shut itself off after finishing the last cut of the day.
  • Ergonomically designed, user-friendly control panel.
  • Precision Feed Pressure control valve with micro-precision adjustment.
  • Saw Blade Height Selector allows the user to adjust the saw frame height and cutting depth.
mesin bandsaw cosen

Material Feeding and Clamping

  • Hydraulic driven work bed with rollers provides a safe and convenient way to load and unload the material, and the material can be fed from the front side or the rear side of the machine with equal ease.
  • Hydraulically controlled movable work bed for moving large material safely.
  • Vises are located on both sides of the blade and are driven by three oversized, full stroking hydraulic cylinders, which can clamp large material securely throughout the cutting cycle.
  • Stock Position Cylinder, which is built in the fixed vise, will push the stock away from the fixed vise for easier handling and lifting.
  • Shadow Light projects the blade line on the material making measuring lengths easy. 


  • Blade breakage and/or slippage are detected automatically and will safely shut down the machine automatically.
  • Interlock design in electrical and hydraulic system prevents the saw from accidental start, i.e. work vise and blade guides need to be clamped first before blade starts, guide arm will not move until the blade guides are released from clamp pressure.
  • All moving parts, blade covers, and guarding on the saw are painted Alert Orange to increase safety alertness.
  • All exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuit are protected by conduits.


  • Bi-metal saw blade.
  • Operation & parts manual.
  • Tool Box with tools, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush


  • Hydraulic chip conveyor – Hydraulic driven shaftless design allows maximum chip removal rate without worrying about burnt up motor when material falls and binds in the chip conveyor.
  • 2M Roller Table – 2M long steel table with machined rollers spread out evenly along the table to facilitate smooth material feeding. (Width of roller differs by model) One to two sets of side rollers guard the material from both sides allowing material to be fed straight forward. Table height can be adjusted.
  • Blade Deviation Detector – Blade deviation detector will detect any blade deviation to insure straight cuts. The device can be pre-set to a deviation value. If the value is exceeded the machine will stop.

Mesin Bandsaw adalah mesin yang berfungsi memotong benda berprofil, berongga maupun pejal. Mesin ini bisa berfungsi efektif disaat laser ataupun plasma tidak bisa melakukannya.

Jika anda ada kebutuhan mesin bandsaw atau gergaji pita bisa menghubungi saya Saldy Kurniawan HP: 081345026234 atau email: kurniawan.saldy@gmail.com atau saldy@tecnomesin.com

Mesin Uncoiler / Decoiler with Coil Car

mesin pembuka gulungan coil


MTC-1500 Uncoiler With Coil Car

  • Material                         : Cold rolled steel,galvanized steel plate, coated steel,stainless steel
  • Material weight              : Max 3 tons
  • Material width                : Max1500mm


It is made up of frame,main spindle,expansion winding drum,decoiling and hold down device,brake device and motor device.

a.         Frame structure:it is welded with shaped steel,A3 steel plate,#45 forged steel bearing base,it doesn’t deform after annealing.two bearing bases are through boring one time,which make sure main spindle concentricity of the installation without any radial jumpiness.

b.         Main spindle:40Gr round steel milling,diameter 85mm pylome,hardening and tempering finish lathe treatment.diameter of working surface 160mm,capacity 3tons.

c.         Expansion winding drum:four camber planes,expansion: Ф480-Ф520mm,the validity working length is 1500mm.

d.         Decoiling and hold down device:it consists of press rollers,support arm and air cylinder.press roller coated polyurethane,which press coil tip when decoiling,to make tip not loosen when decoiling.support arm lifts by air cylinder.

e.         Brake device:it is pneumatic disc type.the force of braking is adjustable.it will clamp when braking.

Coil Car

It’s used for transporting a coil from a loading stand to the uncoiler, driven by electric motor, the hydraulic lifting is directed by four posts.

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin uncoiler maupun slitting line atau cut to length line silahkan menghubungi saya

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Mesin Roll Bending Pipa, Siku, Hollow, WF, H Beam atau Profile lain merk AKBEND

Mesin Roll Bending Pipa Profile siku atau pipa ini adalah, mesin yang berfungsi untuk melakukan bending pada benda2 yang mempunyai penampang tertentu.

Selain mampu roll bending Pipa, mesin roll bending profil ini juga bisa membending profile lain seperti bending siku itu sendiri, pipa, hollow, strip, pipa pejal, H beam, UNP, WF, INP, T channel, dll.

Profile itu apa?

Profile itu adalah material/ benda kerja yang bentuknya memanjang yang dibedakan dari bentuk penampangnya.

Profile terdiri dari Flat Bar / Strip, T Channel, Siku (Angle Material), Pipa/Tabung (Tube/Pipe), Hollow (Kotak/Persegi), UNP, INP, H Beam, C Channel, Round Bar (Pipa Pejal), Square Bar (Kotak Solid/Pejal), WF, HEB, HEA, dll.

Mesin Roll Siku dan Pipa juga Beam
Mesin Roll type APK101 merk AKYAPAK AKBEND

Mesin roll Profile memiliki banyak pilihan ukuran dan kapasitas. Masing-masing kapasitas mesin roll profile ini mempunyai range. Artinya mesin Roll bending pipa atau bending siku ini mempunyai wilayah kerjanya masing-masing.

Mesin dengan kapasitas besar akan mempengaruhi dimensi rollnya, semakin besar kapasitasnya akan semakin besar roll yang terpasang. Mesin roll bending profile dengan ukuran yang besar akan dengan mudah membending material profile karena kekuatan besar, tetapi efek sampingnya adalah mesin roll kapasitas besar akan kesulitan jika bending material profile ukuran kecil baik dimensi materialnya maupun diameter hasil bendingnya

Mesin Roll Profile AKYAPAK AKBEND sudah terjual cukup banyak dan bisa dikatakan paling populer dipasar Indonesia.

Jika anda ada kebutuhan mesin roll siku bisa menghubungi saya Saldy Kuriniawan HP: 081345026234 atau email: kurniawan.saldy@gmail.com.

Mesin CNC Turret Punch merk JFY

Mesin CNC Turret Punch merk JFY adalah mesin yang sangat berguna dalam pengerjaan plat. Mesin Turret Punch sangat cocok untuk pekerjaan yang berulang dan berpola sama dengan kuantitas yang sangat banyak.

Selain mampu melakukan pekerjaan potong atau membuat lubang, mesin ini juga mampu melakukan pekerjaan forming.

Mesin CNC Turret Punch JFY ini adalah salah satu Brand yang dimiliki oleh TRUMPF Group dari Jerman.

TRUMPF Group terkenal sebagai pembuat mesin kerja plat logam dengan kualitas premium.

Member of the TRUMPF Group

I. Main Specification

CNC Turret Punch menggunakan Servo Motor

II. Components List

III. Main Technical Features

1. Adopts Germany H+L hydraulic system with proportionate servo valve, full loop control, and wonderful dynamic and static state reaction. High distinguish, no middle position dead zone, strong capacity for anti-vibration.

(1) Adjustable speed and stroke

a. The punch stroke can be selected according to the thickness of the sheet automatically, improving the work efficiency.

b. The punch speed is adjustable during each point of each single station,

c. the machine can realize the high speed swift during empty run and low speed during real punch, in this way, the punch quality can be improved effectively, and there is really no noise during punch.

d. Precise control of PUP can make the process of special workpiece quite conveniently.

(2). Automatic hydraulic overload protection.

(3). The invariable punch force during the whole procedures makes the punch quality to a high level and ensures the process stability.   

2. The turret with bushing is process in pairs

The turret is processed by special device to ensure the coaxiality of the upper and lower turret and expand the service life of tooling; the bushed turret simplifies the turret structure to extend the service life; long tooling can be used to increase the guiding accuracy and expand the tooling service life (for thick sheet).

3. Imported pneumatic, lubricating and electric components ensure the reliability of the whole machine.

4. Large lead guideway and ballscrew from Japan or Germany ensures high feeding precise.

5. Hard brush and ball mixed worktable reduces the noise and vibration during running and also protects the sheet surface.

6. O-type welded frame has been vibrated for twice, the stress has been deleted completely. The frame is processed by Germany SHW dual-side pentahedron processing center at one time, on need to make second time positioning. 

7. Floating clamp with large clamping force ensures the stable feeding; integrated carriage ensures good rigidity and convenient movement of clamp.

8. The system is featured with the function of automatic clamp protection to avoid the damage of tooling and clamp, ensuring the continuous running of the program.

9. The auto-index adopts high accurate worm wheel and worm mechanism, ensuring high precise indexing. The Max. tooling diameter can reach 88.9mm and the auto-index can be expanded to 4 nos.

10. Integrated beam structure to make the carriage and beam into one part, increasing the rigidity and brings the accurate positioning. The machine can run much more stably during high speed feeding and it puts an end to the deflection of X and Y axes.

11. Grease lubrication can send the lubrication grease to the relative lubricating point directly, reducing the friction of each working pairs and increasing the service life.

IV. Dispatch Document, Accessory & Spare Parts

Dispatch Document

No. Name Qty. Remark
1 Packing List 1 set  
2 Quality Certificate 1 set  
3 Mechanic Operation Manual 1 set  
4 Electrical Operation Manual 1 set  
5 Tooling Drawing 1 set  
6 System Documents 1 set  
7 Foundation Drawing 1 set  
8 Electrical Principal Drawing 1 set  
9 Auto-program Software 1 set  
10 Tooling manual 1 set  
11 FANUC Ethernet Communication Software 1 set  

Dispatch Accessory

No. Name Gauge Qty.
1 Dual-head Spanner 5.5×7-22×24 1 set
2 Moveable Spanner 200 1 no.
3 Socket Head Spanner S1.5-S10 1 set
4 Cross Screwdriver 100×6 1 no.
5 Grease Gun HS87-4Q 1 no.
6 High Pressure Grease Gun   1 no.
7 T-Shape Handle M14×1.5 1 no.

Spare Parts:

No. Name Gauge Qty. Remark
1 Clamp gear board   3 nos. T02-20A,000,000-10C
2 Brush   20 T02-19,000,110-35 (not for full-ball worktable)
3 Hose Ø 12 10m  
4 Hose tie-in Ø 12 1 no.  
5 Spring   20 nos. T02-06,001,000-02
6 Screw in clamp GB70.3-2000 20 nos. M4x10
7 Fuse   1 pc. A03B-0815-K001
8 Network Cable RJ45 1 pc. Used for FANUC transfer
9 Cross Sunk Screw M5*8 20 nos. GB819.1-2000
10 Socket Head Cap Screw M6*0.75*20 4 nos. GB70.1-2000
11 CF card   1 set  

VCNC System

FANUC CNC system is the specialized CNC system developed by Japan FANUC especially for the purpose of meet the features of this type of machine, improving the reliability of the machine to a large extent.

I、System Characteristics

1. Graphic and punch function;

2. Convenient universal G code program for easy operation;

3. Universal RS232 standard port to communicate with computer conveniently;

4. Advanced full digital servo motor and servo system;

5.10.4″ LCD colorful display;

6. Pulse encoder semi-loop feedback;

7. EMS memory: 256K;

8. Field program, office program;

9. Chinese and English display;

10. Function of graphic simulation;

11.One large capacity PCMCIA card for the backup of system parameter, ladder drawing and processing program, and realize the online process of large capacity processing program;

12. Increment in the smallest unit, position detection ad servo control to realize high speed and high accurate operation;

13. The operation button on the panel can be defined according to the real requirement;

14. Super high speed clutch data cables with little cable connection;

15. High integration, specialized software. Short time for start up, the data will not be lost if power is short of supply suddenly;

16. Storage of 400 pieces of program.

II、System Function:

1. Linear axes: X, Y axes, rotating axes: T, C axes, punch axis: Z axis;

2. Alarm for electric error such as over- stroke.

3. Function of self-diagnose.

4. Function of soft limit.

5. Universal G code for program;

6. Function of tooling compensation;

7. Function of screw distance compensation;

8. Function of reverse gap compensation;

9. Function of coordinates deflection;

10. Function of reposition;

11. Function of AUTO, MANUAL, JOG mode;

12. Function of clamp protection;

13. Function of lock of inner register;

14. Function of parameter program;

15. Function of sub-program;

16. Function of swift positioning and punch lock;

18. Function of M code;

19. Absolute and increment program;

20. Conditioning, unconditioning jump.

VI. Requirement for Customer

1. Air supply: rated working pressure should be more than 0.6mPa, air flow: more than1.5m3/min

2. Hydraulic oil: Sheel TELLUS 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil and oil-servicing device, required oil mass should be 180L.

3. Power: 380V, 50HZ, power fluctuate: ±10%

4. Environment temperature: 0°C – +40°C

5. Environment humidity: relative humidity 20-80%RH(un-condensation)

6. Keep away from strong vibration or interfere of electromagnetism

7. Environment with little dust, no poisonous gas

8. Prepare the groundwork according to the foundation drawing

9. The user should select the technician or engineer for training, the educational background of whom should be at least graduated from technical secondary school, and arrange it for a long term.

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin CNC Turret Punch silahkan menghubungi saya

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Mesin Potong Shearing Plat merk BAYKAL

cnc shearing machine

Mesin shearing adalah mesin yang berfungsi untuk melakukan proses pemotongan plat secara mekanis. Proses pemotongan plat ini memanfaatkan gaya geser dengan menggerakkan pisau potong yang menjepit plat logam. Gerakan potong ini mengikuti sudut tertentu untuk memudahkan proses pemotongan.

Type Mesin Shearing berdasarkan jenis penggeraknya

Mesin Shearing Plat ditinjau dari penggeraknya terbagi menjadi beberapa jenis.

Pertama, mesin shearing plat manual, penggeraknya adalah kekuatan tangan. Mesin potong plat ini kekuatannya terbatas dan untuk plat tipis atau pendek2 saja.

Kedua, mesin shearing plat electric, mesin ini menggunakan motor listrik. Kapasitasnya umumnya juga plat yang tipis dan tidak panjang. Untuk plat yang lebih tebal dan panjang dibutuhkan pengumpul tenaga atau flywheel. Pemanfaatan flywheel/roda gila ini membutuhkan kontruksi yang kuat dan tentu saja konsumsi listrik yang besar.

Ketiga, mesin shearing hidrolik. Mesin potong plat ini yang paling banyak digunakan saat ini karena paling efisien. Mesin ini menggunakan oli hidrolik sebagai leverage tenaganya.

Jenis mesin Shearing Plat Hidrolik

Mesin shearing Hidrolik terbagi menjadi 2 jenis:

Pertama mesin swing beam shear, mesin ini memotong dengan gerakan seperti mencangkul. Sudut datang pisau atas tidak bisa diatur. Mesin potong ini cocok untuk pekerjaan plat tidak terlalu tebal, kelebihannya mesin shearing hidrolik ini gerakannya cepat.

Kedua, mesin guillotine shear, mesin ini memotong dengan arah gerakan tegak lurus plat yang dipotong. Sudut datang pisaunya bisa diatur dsiesuaikan dengan ketebalan plat yang akan dipotong. jika plat yang akan di shearing cukup tebal, maka sudut datang dibuat lebih tinggi. Begitu juga, kalau plat yang akan digunting tipis, sudut datang pisaunya di kurangi, sehingga potongan lebih cepat dan mengurangi keriting.

Untuk BAYKAL mesin Shearing Swing Beam menggunakan NC dan untuk mesin Shearing Guillotine memakai CNC dalam pemilihan kontrolnya.

mesin potong plat NC

Sudut potong pisau ini sangat esensial karena pemotongan plat tipis dengan plat tebal akan sangat berbeda perlakuannya. Kemampuan mesin shearing untuk mengatur sudut potong pisau akan sangat mempengaruhi kontruksi dan life time baik dari pisau maupun mesin shearingnya.

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin potong plat, shearing plat, gunting plat baik NC maupun CNC silahkan menghubungi saya

Saldy Kurniawan

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Mesin Bending Tekuk Plat (Press Brake Machine)

Mesin Bending Plat atau mesin press brake adalah mesin yang berfungsi untuk melakukan tekuk atau bending plat logam.

Jenis-jenis penekukan bermacam-macam misalnya air bending, bottoming, press bending, hamming dll. Mesin press brake / tekuk plat berguna untuk bending dengan sudut tekuk 90 derajat dan sudut2 lainnya.

mesin bending plat NC made in China

Untuk mesin tekuk plat (press brake) yang kami ageni adalah merk BAYKAL dari Eropa.

Kenapa Harga Mesin Berbeda-beda? Apa sih bedanya mesin bagus dengan mesin murahan?

Kualitas body mesin bending plat merk BAYKAL adalah sangat bagus karena menggunakan jenis material ST44-2 dari Jerman.

Dimana mesin lain bisa jadi hanya menggunakan ST37 sebagai material bodynya.

Kualitas body mesin di mesin Tekuk Plat sangatlah penting karena bodylah yang paling menentukan layak tidaknya mesin bending digunakan.

Di mesin BAYKAL material body disusun dan disambung dengan teknik pengelasan yang akurat, setelah itu dilakukan proses heat treatment untuk stress relieving.

Banyak mesin brand lain tidak melakukan proses stress relieving. Kita tinggal tanyakan saja berapa proses pembuatannya, kalau proses pembuatannya sangat cepat 15-30 hari, kemungkinan besar mesin tersebut tidak mengalami proses stress relieving.

Stress Relieving ini sangat penting karena akan mempengaruhi faktor usia dari body mesin jika dikenai beban berulang.

Perlu kita ketahui bahwa, hampir semua komponen lain selain body mesin bisa diganti baik type maupun merknya seperti pompa hidrolik, selenoid valve, motor listrik, encoder, kelistrikan, kontrol panel, dll. tetapi untuk body mesin press brake tidak bisa.

Jika body mesin mengalami kerusakan/crack itu berarti berakhirnya usia pakai mesin tersebut

Mungkin body mesin bisa dilas kembali, disambung lagi, tapi mesin seudah mengalami deformasi, dan itu berpengaruh sekali dengan tingkat kepresisian produk yang dihasilkan.

mesin CNC press brake merk BAYKAL made in Eropa

Begitu ditemukan body mesin tekuk plat mengalami defleksi atau bahkan crack itu adalah tanda berakhirnya usia pakai dari mesin bending tekuk plat tersebut.


Mesin Tekuk Plat dari sistem kontrolnya terbagi menjadi 3 macam.

  • Mesin Tekuk Plat Manual
  • Mesin Bending Plat NC
  • Mesin Press Brake CNC 

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin tekuk plat, bending plat, press brake baik CNC maupun NC silahkan menghubungi saya

Saldy Kurniawan

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Mesin Roll / Gulung /Bending Plat (Plate Bending Machine)

Mesin bending roll plat adalah mesin yang berfungsi menggulung plat sehingga membentuk kurva lingkaran ataupun elips dengan menggunakan rangkaian roll.

Mesin bending roll plat dari sistem penggeraknya terdiri dari mekanik, electrik dan hidrolik.

Mesin roll plat mekanik menggunakan tenaga manusia untuk memutar roll.

Mesin bending plat electric menggunakan listrik dan dibantu oleh rangkaian gearbox untuk menggulung plat.

Mesin gulung plat hidrolik adalah mesin yang paling umum dipakai untuk plat-plat dengan ketebalan tinggi karena tenaganya sangat besar.

PT. Tecno Mesin Indonesia mengageni pabrikan mesin Eropa dengan merk AKYAPAK.

Dibawah ini adalah keterangan tentang pabrik mesin AKYAPAK.


AKYAPAK exports its merchandises more than 70 countries in 5 continents, has15.000 sqm technologic indoor production field.Akyapak manufactures 3 and 4rollers hydraulic and mechanical plate bending machines, profile bendingmachines, CNC and NC tube benders with mandrel, bordering machines, CNC DrillingMachines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, Urethane Rolling Machines, HorizontalBending Presses.

Mesin Bending Plat 4 Roll Merk AKYAPAK  AKBEND

Akyapak has been carrying on its ownactivities in Bursa since 1962 and increases its customers as sectoral and inquantities. AKYAPAK-AKBEND manufactures approximately 2.700 machines per ayear, with its 250 experienced staff.

As the solution partner of manufacturers invarious fields, spread to whole 5 continents, AKYAPAK – AKBEND, keeps on to itsinvestments about Research and Development continuously, and acts like adviserto the customers whose aim is to enhance their number of machines.


AKYAPAK never makes concessions tothe principle of  UNCONDITIONAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. With ournew line of AKBEND bending machines, we meet yourrequirements head on with new ideas and new energy.

AKYAPAK utilizes a totally customer focusedapproach. It starts from your order confirmation, until theproduction and on-site installation process completes. While your order specificationsare being met, AKYAPAK institutes processes to ensure the bestquality, aggressive cost control, and short lead time.

AKBEND bending machines areengineered and manufactured in modern production plantsequipped with the latest technologies, by a highlyskilled work force. We can deliver customized solutions tovarious requirements, anywhere worldwide. AKBEND is the qualitybrand name for your “bending machinery” and “WELLKNOWN QUALITY IN FIVE CONTINENTS…”

Pabrik Produksi Mesin Bending Plat AKYAPAK
Produksi mesin Roll Plat merk AKBEND


  • Data based uponsteel 240 N/mm2  YIELD POINT.






mesin roll plat AKYAPAK


  • Machine body is steel construction ST-52.
  • All rollers mounted in bearing.
  • Separate control panel
  • Drop-end controlled from control panel in order to release easily bended metal sheet
  • Movement and parallelism adjustment of the rollers controlled from the control panel. (Ergonomic designed control panel which allows to control all the functions of the machine is independent from the machine.)
  • Central rolls are driven with hydraulic motor and reducer.
  • Electrical and hydraulic protection against overloads.
  • Hydraulic installation world wide known brands.
  • Electrical installation world wide known brands.
  • Suitable to “CE”.

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin roll plat, bending plat, gulung plat baik manual maupun NC silahkan menghubungi saya

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