Mesin Sealer Gasket Polyurethane (Pembuat Seal/Gasket PU)

Mesin Sealer Gasket Polyurethane ini adalah mesin yang mampu memasang seal/gasket Polyurethane di pintu besi, panel atau kabinet.

Seal atau gasket ini berfungsi untuk melindungi bagian dalam dari debu maupun air dengan baik.

Mesin ini mampu meningkatkan efisiensi biaya produksi material dan menggantikan proses penempelan seal secara manual yang ribet dan tidak standard.

Gasket Sealing Machine
Gasket Sealing Machine Polyurethane

Spesifikasi Teknis

1.Overall Size of Machine3650mm*2980mm*2150mm (L X W X H)Per Parts See Quotation
2.Gross Weight & Space of Machine18000kg, 18m³-20m³20ft Container
3.Traverse Size (XYZ)2300mm*1300mm*200mmAccept customization
4.Mini-Maxi Gasket Width(Mini)3mm-(Maxi)30mm 
5.Mini-Maxi Gasket HeightDepends on The Material Ratio1/2 Of the Width Generally
6.Gasket Length Capacity15m/Min, 30m/KgBasic On 5:1, W14H7
7.Mini-Maxi Products Size(Mini)No Limit-(Maxi) 4600mm*2600mm*200mm 
8.Dispensing Speed0.5g/S-5g/S 
9.AB Ratio Adjustable by Machine System10:1, 9:1, 8:1, 7:1…2:1,1:1 [By Weight]5:1 Generally
10.Dispensing Precision:0.1g/S 
11.Maxi Machine Sliding Speed40m/Min 
13.Operation Pressure0-2Mpa 
14.Air Compressor6Mpa-8mpa 
15.Mixing Head Rotate Speed0-3000rpm/Min 
16.Operation Mode6.4’’ Handle and PC with Keyboard and Mouse 
17.TanksA 30L, B30LA1, A2, A3, A4…B Allowed
18.Machine Usage Lifetime15years 
19.LanguageEnglishAccept customization
20.WINMAN Warranty2years (Details Please See the SA Enclosure2) 
21.Wearing Parts Main Spare Parts Price(Details Please See the SA Enclosure 3) 

Konfigurasi Yang Dipakai

1» Control SystemWINMAN Self-Programming Combine SIEMENS Control SystemWith Remote-Maintenance
2» Mainly Control HardwarePC Windows System with LAN Port17’’ LCD Computer (1 Set)
3» Hand Control HardwareIntelligent Omron Handle Control 
4» Servo Motors and DriverJapan PANASONIC X-Y-Z (6sets) 
5» ReducerShanghai KF (6sets) 
6» Linear GuildTaiwan HIWIN(6pieces) 
7» RackTaiwan KH(5pieces) 
8» Metering PumpGermany BARMAG(2sets)Precision +0.01%
9» RelayJapan OMRON(1set) 
10» Electronic CompoundsFrance Schneider(1set) 
11» Five-Position Solenoid ValveAIRTAC(1 Set) 
12» Mixing CavityGermany MK-400(1set) 
13» SS AB Tanks304 SS Tanks(2sets)A1, A2, A3, A4…B Allowed
14» Special Structure PumpBC 280-T(1set) 
15» Control CabinetES Cabinet 1800mm*450mm*1100mm 
16» Aluminum alloy workbench1000mm*2000mm(1set)60kg, Loadable 500kg

Control System

Multifunctional  WINMAN  Self-Programming  Combine  SIEMENS  Control  System, Allow the Remote-Control and Maintenance.

Combine  PC  with  Lan  Port,  Realize  The  5g  Ultra-Fast  Era  of  Human-Computer Interaction

Self-Explaining Operator Guide with Programming Buttons, Function and Touch Keys

EMERGENCY   STOP   Deactivation   with   Approved   Safety   Concept;   Real-Time

Auto-Mobile System Preselection of Set-Up/Standby/Manual/Automatic Modes

Recipe Management

Operator Password Protection with Two Selectable Levels

Programmable Pot Life Monitoring, Dosing Quantity Preselection, Automatic Rinsing and Material Conditioning (Air Loading, Stirring Etc.)

Monitoring of The Component Pressure Using the Digital Display

Timer with Automatic Switch-On Function

Open Periphery Interface

Central Control of Additional Periphery / Automation Possible

Data Backup Via USB Stick, G Code, WIFI, Direct Input X/Y/Z Date for Both 2D And 3D Products. > Data For Operating System And System Programs Stored on Compact Flas

Contoh hasilnya


Many different types of foam

High IP Protection Level Achievable

CE, FORM E, Testing report, ISO9001

High precision 1mm-30mm adjustable

Weather resistant

Fast curing

Repeatability <9.15mm

Individual Assembly Possible

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Tentang Saldy Kurniawan

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