Mesin Milling CNC / CNC Machining Center merk KITAMURA (JAPAN)

CNC Vertical Machining Center KITAMURA Mycenter-4XiD#40

Dalam bidang permesinan, ada dua bagian besar, yaitu Sheet metal Processing Machine dan Metal Cutting Machine.

Kami selain mengageni brand untuk pengerjaan plat juga menyediakan mesin metal cutting. Mesin metal cutting itu diantaranya adalah mesin CNC Machining Center, Mesin Milling, Mesin Bubut, Mesin Bor, dll.

Untuk mesin Milling CNC / Machining Center, kami mengageni brand terbaik didunia yaitu KITAMURA dari Jepang yang sangat presisi, mempunyai positioning akurasi sampai 2 microns dan repeatability sampai 1 micron.

Akurasi setinggi itu sangat cocok untuk pembuatan senjata, industri penerbangan, aerospace dan bahkan pembuatan pesawat ruang angkasa. Maka jika diaplikasikan di dunia otomotif hal ini akan sangat powerful dan mengurangi defect product yang dihasilkan.

Dibawah ini adalah spesifikasi dari Horizontal Machining Center (HMC) merk KITAMURA



ItemDescriptionKITAMURA Mycenter-HX630G
Table size630 x 630mm (24.8″ x 24.8″)
Table Indexing0.001 Degree (4th Axis)
Tapper Hole (size x qty)M16 x 2.0 x 25
Max Table Load1,500kg (3,300 lbs)
Max Workpiece Dia.Ø1,080mm (Ø42.5″)
Max Workpiece Height1,300mm (51.2″)
X – Axis1,100mm (43.3″)/ Twin Ballsrew Design
Y – Axis920mm (36.2″)/ Twin Ballsrew Design
Z – Axis1,050mm (41.3″)/ Twin Ballsrew Design
B – Axis0 to 360 Degrees Full 4 Axis
Table Surf to Spindle center100 ~ 1,020mm (3.9″ ~ 40.2″)
Table center to spindle nose100 ~ 1,150mm (3.9″ ~ 45.3″)
Spindle Tapper#50 NST (HSK-A100 Opt.)
Spindle Speed35 ~ 12,000min¯¹(8,000min¯¹ Opt.)
Drive MethodGear Drive, 4 Step
Max. Spindle Torque585.9 Nm (432.1 ft lbs)
Spindle Motor40KW (53HP AC/15 min)
22KW (30HP AC/Cont)
Rapid Feed X,Y,Z60m/min (2,362ipm)
Cutting Feed Rate X,Y,Z60m/min (2,362ipm)
Rapid Feed (B Axis)12,000 deg/min (33.3min¯¹)
Number of Pallets2
APC Change Time14.7 seconds
Tool Storage capacity62 Tools (Opt. 112, 122, 162, 212)
Tool Selection MethodRandom bi-directional, Fixed Pot
Tool Holder StyleCT (BT) 50
Max Tool Dia.Ø125mm (Ø4.9″) / Ø320mm (Ø12.6″)
Max Tool Length650mm (25.6″)
Max Tool Weight30kg (66 lbs.)
Tool to Tool2.1 seconds
Chip to Chip5.2 seconds, min.
Power Requirement65KVA, 200V AC, 3 Phase
Air Requirement0.5 Mpa, 410L/min (90psi, 14cfm)
Machine Dimension
Required Space (WxD)4,134 x 5,760mm (162.7″ x 226.8″)
Machine Height3,513mm (138.3″)
Machine Net Weight21,000kg (46,200 lbs.)
Positioning Accuracy± 0.002mm (± 0.000079″)/ Full stroke
Repeatability± 0.001mm (± 0.000039″)

Note: Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice


Mycenter-4XiD#40 Vertical Machining Center

Contact Surfaces are Extensively Hand Scraped

Highest Grade Meehanite Cast Iron Construction

Double Roller Linear Guideway System

Plumbed and Ready for Coolant Thru Spindle – Added in Field

Compact Size Saves on Floor Space

12,000min¯¹ NRG Belt Drive, Dual Contact Spindle

Fastest Rapid Feed Rates in its Class – 48,000mm/min

40-Tool Standard ATC

Base Wash Coolant

Screw Type Chip Augers on Either Side of the Bed Casting

Scraper Type Chip Conveyor

Manual Remote Pulse Generator, Fixed on the Control Panel

High-Speed Machining Mode

        *67.5m/min Feed with 1 mm/block, 1,125 Blocks/sec

        *675 Block Look-Ahead

High-Speed, High Accuracy Control

1280 Meters Memory (0.5MB)

USB Memory Interface

Hand Scraping Optimum Accuracy
Meehanite Casting Vibration Absorption
Dual Contact Spindle Greater Machining Rigidity/Longer Tool Life
High Speed 15,000min¯¹ Spindle Versatility for general machining with Fine Surface Finish Capabilities
30-Tool ATC High Speed, Smooth Memory Random System
Internal Chip Augers Removes Chips from the Machining Area
External Chip Conveyor Reduces Operator’s Workload
Wash Coolant Keeps the Work Envelope Free of Chips
High-Speed Machining Mode Complex Contouring & Mold Applications
  • High Speed Spindle, 20 — 12,000minˉ¹

       NRG Belt Drive, Dual Contact Spindle System

  • Spindle Orientation
  • Spindle Taper Air Blow
  • Spindle Oil Cooler
  • 40 Tool Automatic Tool Changer

            Memory Random Method

  • Kitamura Original Stand-by ATC Function
  • Bi-Directional Random Tool Call-Up Function
  • Cutting Fluid Device
  • Coolant Pump
  • Coolant Tank (260L, 68.6 Gallons)
  • Scraper Type Chip Conveyor
  • Chip Conveyor (Screw Type) x 2
  • Wash Coolant (Base Wash Only)
  • Fully Enclosed Splash Guard
  • Automatic Way Lubrication
  • Door Interlock
  • Air Unit (Regulator, Lubricator)
  • Work Light
  • 3-Step Cycle Finish Lamp
  • User’s M-Function (Total 4 Sets, M20-M23)
  • Leveling Bolts and Plates
  • Swivel Main Operation Panel
  • Manual Pulse Generator
  • Power Indicator Lamp
  • Spindle Speed Meter
  • Spindle Load Meter
  • Tool Number and Alarm Number Display
  • Program Protect Key Switch
  • Alarm Indicator Lamp
  • Push Button Switch/Emergency Stop
  • Push Button Switch/Jog Plus
  • Push Button Switch/Jog Minus
  • Push Button Switch/Tool Clamp
  • Push Button Switch/Tool Unclamp
  • Push Button Switch/Magazine Index
  • Push Button Switch/Cycle Start
  • Push Button Switch/Feed Hold
  • Push Button Switch/Spindle Stop
  • Push Button Switch/Spindle CW Start
  • Push Button Switch/Manual ATC Start
  • Toggle Switch/2nd LS Recovery
  • Toggle Switch/Single Block
  • Toggle Switch/Dry Run
  • Toggle Switch/Block Skip
  • Toggle Switch/Optional Stop
  • Toggle Switch/Auto Coolant
  • Toggle Switch/Manual Coolant
  • Toggle Switch/Work Light
  • Rotary Switch/Feedrate Override
  • Rotary Switch/Axis Selection
  • Rotary Switch/Mode Selection
  • Rotary Switch/Rapid Feed Override
  • Rotary Switch/Spindle Speed Override
  • Rotary Switch/ATC Manual Operation Mode Selection
  • Indicator LED/Manual Absolute
  • Indicator LED/Machine Lock
  • Indicator LED/Auxiliary Function Lock
  • Indicator LED/Display Lock
  • Indicator LED/Z Axis Lock
  • Indicator LED/Spindle Gear Range
  • Indicator LED/Axes Zero Position
  • Indicator LED/Mirror Image
  • Input/Output Interface
  • Axes 2nd Stroke Limit Switches

Basic Functions                                                    

  • 10.4” LCD
  • Controlled Axes, 3 Axes
  • 3 Axis Simultaneous Control
  • Least Command Increment 0.0001mm
  • Inch/Metric Selection (G20, G21)
  • Decimal Point Input I, II
  • Absolute./Incremental Command (G90, G91)
  • Automatic Acceleration/Deceleration after Interpolation
  • Rapid Traverse Constant Inclination Accel/Decel
  • Rapid Traverse Multi-Step Accel/Decel
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Memory Type Pitch Error Compensation
  • Two-Way Pitch Error Compensation
  • Spindle Function, S-Code (5 Digits)
  • Tool Function, T-Code (2 or 3 Digits)
  • Dwell
  • Memory Mode
  • MDI Mode


  • Positioning, G00
  • Unidirectional Positioning, G60
  • Linear Interpolation, G01
  • Circular Interpolation, G02, G03
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Spiral/Conical Interpolation
  • Cylindrical Interpolation
  • Polar Coordinate Interpolation
  • Spline Interpolation

Feed Rate

  • Cutting Feed per Minute
  • Cutting Feed per Revolution
  • Inverse Time Feed
  • F-1 Digit Feed
  • Rapid Traverse Override
  • Cutting Feed Override
  • Override Cancel

Thread Cutting

  • Synchronous Tapping Cycle
  • Pecking Tapping Cycle
  • Deep-Hole Tapping Cycle

Part Program Storage

  • Memory (Total 1280m) (0.5MB)


  • Program Editing
  • Background Editing

Operation Methods and Functions

  • Absolute Value/Incremental Value Setting
  • Screen Saver
  • Parameter/Operation Guidance
  • Alarm Guidance
  • Machining Program Input Mistake Check Warning
  • Status Display
  • Clock Display
  • Operation Screen Display
  • Edit Screen Display
  • Diagnosis Screen Display
  • Maintenance Screen Display

Input/Output Function and Devices

  • Machining Program Input/Output
  • Tool Offset Data Input/Output
  • Common Variable Input/Output
  • Parameter Input/Output
  • RS-232C I/F
  • I/F for CF Card in Control Unit
  • Front IC Card I/F
  • Ethernet I/F

Tool Compensation

  • Tool Length Compensation
  • Tool Position Offset
  • Tool Radius Compensation
  • 3-Dimensional Tool Radius Compensation
  • Tool Radius Compensation Diameter Designation
  • Tool Offset, 400 sets

Coordinate System

  • Machine Coordinate System
  • Coordinate System Setting
  • Automatic Coordinate System Setting
  • Workpiece Coordinate System Selection (6 sets)
  • Additional Woorkpiece Coordinate System Selection (48 sets)
  • Workpiece Coordinate System Preset (G92.1)
  • Local Coordinate System
  • Plain Selection
  • Origin Set/Origin Cancel
  • Counter Set


  • Manual Reference Position Return
  • Automatic 1st Reference Position Return
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th Reference Position Return
  • Reference Position Check
  • Absolute Position Detection
  • Tool Change Position Return

Operation Support Function

  • Optional Block Skip
  • Additional Optional Block Skip
  • Single Block
  • Dry Run
  • Machine Lock
  • Miscellaneous Function Lock
  • Program Research
  • Sequence Number Research
  • Program Restart
  • NC Reset
  • Feed Hold
  • Manual Interruption
  • Automatic Operation Handle Interruption
  • Manual Absolute Switch
  • Tapping Retract

Program Support functions

  • Subprogram Control, 8-Layer
  • Figure Rotation
  • Scaling
  • User Macro
  • Macro Variable, 700 sets

Variable Command

  • Fixed Cycle for Drilling
  • Special Fixed Cycle
  • Small-Diameter
  • Mirror Image by Parameter Setting
  • Mirror Image by G-Code
  • Coordinate Rotation by Program
  • Corner Chamfer/Corner R
  • Polar Coordinate Command
  • Parameter Input by Parameter
  • Tapping Mode
  • Cutting Mode
  • Automatic Corner Override
  • Exact Stop Check

High Speed and Feed Functions

  • High-Speed Machining Mode II (G05P2)
  • High-Speed High Accuracy Control I (G05.1Q1)
  • High-Speed High Accuracy Control II (G05P10000)
  • High-Accuracy Control 1 (G61.1/G08)
  • High-Accuracy Spline Interpolation 1 (G61.2)
  • High-Accuracy Spline Interpolation 2 (G61.3)
  • SSS Control


  • Skip (Hi-Speed Skip)
  • Multiple-Step Skip
  • Automatic Tool Length Measurement
  • Manual Tool Length Measurement
  • Workpiece Position Measurement

Display for Ensuring Safety

  • NC Warning
  • NC Alarm
  • Emergency Stop Cause
  • Battery Alarm/Warning
  • Stroke End (Over Travel)
  • Stored Stroke Limit
  • Stored Check Before Movement
  • Interlock
  • Door Interlock
  • Parameter Lock
  • Program Protection (Edit Lock)
  • Program Display Lock

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin Milling CNC, Vertical Machining Center (VMC), Horizontal Machining Center (HMC), CNC Bubut, CNC Lathe, dan mesin metal cutting lainnya, silahkan hubungi PT. Tecno Mesin Indonesia atau langsung ke saya

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