Mesin Slitting Line untuk Logam Merk KING JIME

Dalam proses fabrikasi sheet metal atau plat logam terdapat istilah coil. Coil adalah lembaran logam yang digulung sedemikian rupa sehingga membentuk semacam tabung logam dan diikat. Bentuk Coil logam ini tujuannya adalah untuk memudahkan proses transport material.

Coil ini awalnya dipasang pada uncoiler dari mesin slitting logam.

Dengan mesin Slitting selanjutnya coil akan dibagi2 menggunakan blade slitting sampai dengan ukuran lebar diinginkan. setelah itu digulung jadi coil lagi yang lebih kecil ukuran lebarnya.

I.Technical information:


Material weight: Max 5tons

Material thickness:0.4-1.0 mm

Coil ID:508mm

Material width: max 1300mm

Slitting speed: 0-60m/min

Incoming Power Source : AC380V, 3 phase,50HZ

Control Power Source : AC 220V,50 HZ

Solenoid Valves : AC 220V,50 HZ

Set up Position : from left to right or right to left(optional)

Machine color:blue and yellow

II. Machine parts in the working line

  1. Decoiler                         
  2. Bridge table  I                              
  3. coil guide and pinch roll                    
  4. Slitting machine
  5. scrap winder (both sides)
  6. Bridge table  II
  7. separator and tension table
  8. Recoiler
  9. Over arm separator in the recoiler.

10.10 pieces of blades and Matched accessories:spacer,wooden for slitting machine,separator and separator disc for recoiler.

Ⅳ.Technical description

1. Decoiler with manual expansion

Function: Loading coils and create tension for coil strips, it consists of frame, main shaft, expandable core, press device, and driven device.

Main Structure: Welded by section steel, A3 steel, #45 forged steel, annealed after welding; bearing pedestals are achieved by one time boring to ensure concentricity and no radial movement.

2.Bridge table  I

The entry loop will create a buffer zone for easier centering for next stage process. Light source and sensors is provided for sensing the loop position.


Type    : Bridge table.

  • Structure           : Steel fabrication
  • Lubricant          : Grease gun

3. Coil guide and pinch roll

Function: Guiding strip into slitter. It consists of side guide, pinch roll and short transition bridge.


◆Side guide:Width shall be adjustable manually with hand-wheel and movement shall be

accomplished by guiding shaft with Left Hand & Right Hand Thread on the same shaft.

A fabricated body with roller mounted vertically at two sides (2 Nos. rollers each side). Roller is mounted vertically.

  • Width range         : 0~1300mm
  • Adjustment         : manual
  • Lubricant           : Grease gun

◆Pinch roll: 2 pinch rolls with PU rubber coated, the upper roll is adjustable by cylinder.

4. Slitting machine

Function: Slit strip into narrower sizes, it consists of frame, blade shafts, shaft housing, lifting device and driven system.

Main frame is welded by section steel, annealed after welding

Blade shaft material: 42CrMn alloy steel, Ф120mmx1300mm, it’s rough tooled, tempered, medium frequency modulated, grinded, hard chrome plated and regrinded etc. to ensure accuracy of slitting,

Fixation of shaft: Fixed by double nuts

Shaft housing: Housing and upper bearing pedestals use #45 cast steel, lower bearing pedestals use #45 forged steel. Shaft housing is movable by electric control, shaft is lifted by electric control through screw.

Driven System: 

  • Type               : Round knife cutting.
  • Structure           : Fabricated Steel, 42CrMn alloy steel
  • Slitter Axel          : Ø120mm × 1300mm× 2
  • Slitting Speed        : max 60 m/min.
  • Vertical adjustment   :Motorizes anti-backlash worm gear for

Vertical adjustment

  • cutter clamping       : Nuts
  • Lubricant            : Grease gun
  • Motor:AC 22KW

5. Scrap winder

Function: Inspecting strip width; winding up scraps


◆Scrap Winder: It consists of frame welded by steel plates, end plate and articulated expandable stand, winding device and driven system.

6. Bridge table  II

The entry loop will create a buffer zone for easier centering for next stage process. Light source and sensors is provided for sensing the loop position.

Type                   : bridge table.

  • Structure           : Steel fabrication
  • Lubricant          : Grease gun

7. Strip separator and tension unit

Function: Position and create tension for the strips before rewinding, it consists of main frame, separating frame, tension station, guide roll.


◆Welded structure of section steel, steel plate, annealed after welding.

◆Separating frame: Connected by 2 guide rods with hard chrome plated, lifted by cylinder, separating pieces are installed on shaft and removable.

◆Tension station: It consists of side housing, upper and lower plate with woolen felt.

◆Guide roll: Guiding strip to rewinder, it consists of bearing pedestal, seamless steel pipes, wrapped by PU rubber.

  • Structure               : Steel fabrication
  • Separator roll           : Ø 100mm × 1300mm

8. Recoiler with manual expansion

Function: Loading and creating tension for strip rewinding, it consists of frame, main shaft, core with clamp, separating device etc


◆Main frame: It consists of frame welded by section steel, A3 steel, #45 steel forged bearing pedestals which are treated by one time boring to ensure concentricity.

◆Separator: Separating and positioning of strip before rewinding. It consists of separating roll with hard chrome plated, support arm, driven force increases with expanding diameter of coil.

  • Recoiler ID        :  Ø 508
  • Mandrel Surface    : Chromium plated
  • Load capacity         : Max.5tons
  • Motor : AC 37KW

Mesin Slitting membutuhkan beberapa orang operator untuk menjalankannya. Dibutuhkan koordinasi yang baik antara bagian awal, tengah dan akhir line agar produksi bisa berlangsung dengan mulus.

Jika anda ada kebutuhan mesin slitting atau uncloiler atau decoiler atau bahkan messin cut to length.

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