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Mesin Uncoiler / Decoiler with Coil Car

mesin pembuka gulungan coil


MTC-1500 Uncoiler With Coil Car

  • Material                         : Cold rolled steel,galvanized steel plate, coated steel,stainless steel
  • Material weight              : Max 3 tons
  • Material width                : Max1500mm


It is made up of frame,main spindle,expansion winding drum,decoiling and hold down device,brake device and motor device.

a.         Frame structure:it is welded with shaped steel,A3 steel plate,#45 forged steel bearing base,it doesn’t deform after annealing.two bearing bases are through boring one time,which make sure main spindle concentricity of the installation without any radial jumpiness.

b.         Main spindle:40Gr round steel milling,diameter 85mm pylome,hardening and tempering finish lathe treatment.diameter of working surface 160mm,capacity 3tons.

c.         Expansion winding drum:four camber planes,expansion: Ф480-Ф520mm,the validity working length is 1500mm.

d.         Decoiling and hold down device:it consists of press rollers,support arm and air roller coated polyurethane,which press coil tip when decoiling,to make tip not loosen when arm lifts by air cylinder.

e.         Brake device:it is pneumatic disc type.the force of braking is will clamp when braking.

Coil Car

It’s used for transporting a coil from a loading stand to the uncoiler, driven by electric motor, the hydraulic lifting is directed by four posts.

Jika ada kebutuhan tentang mesin uncoiler maupun slitting line atau cut to length line silahkan menghubungi saya

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