No Template Irregular Dished Head Folding (Mesin Flanging Shuipo)

No Template Irregular Dished Head Folding Machine  (Flanging SHUIPO)


Shuipo irregular flanging


①adopts the advanced PLC programme input technology and micro- electronics technology
②applicable for different kinds of pressure containers with easy operation, high efficiency and folding quality
③ improve not only the collective manufacture with high and stable quality but also the working environments
④The suitable objects: the automatic fixed distance gland edge
folding of regular and irregular tanks, especially suitable for different kinds of shell tanks processing machines
⑤The product has won the national patent, and has passed the CE


Model XBJ-3000
Maximum Diameter (mm) 3000mm
Minimum Diameter (mm) 1200mm
Minimum Circular Radius (mm) ≥300mm
Folding Speed(Linear Velocity ) (mm/min) 1000-2000mm/min
Power Supply Ac 380V 60HZ
Upper pressure roller radian R20
Main Machine Power 8KW
Control way PLC
Applicable scope of sheet metal Material Q235, stainless steel, Aluminium
Thickness 2-8mm
Spinning height 25mm-50mm (According to thickness of workpiece; if the thickness is 2mm, the spinning height no more than 25mm)
Best suitable workpiece Flat workpiece, round plump wokpiece
Plump dished end Radius≤180mm

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