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CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

cnc fiber laser cutting

The fiber laser cutting machine process characteristics and advantages:

1, the use of traditional technology to temper the main body of laser   machine, splicing, welding, heat treatment, surface treatment, high-precision guide surface processing, meticulous every step, high-quality processing bed by strict procedures will avoid equipment vibration during high-speed movement.

2、with the characteristics of dual-drive gantry, dual motor drive, with a stable operation, dynamic fast response, high speed positioning. High-end CNC system of bilateral synchronous drive function, stable and reliable

3、High end fiber laser technology and digital control technology perfect integration, excellent machine performance, on behalf of the most advanced laser cutting machine manufacturing level

Technical Specification

Main Electrical Collocation
Item Part Name & Descriptions remark/original/additional explaination
1 1000W and 1500W Laser Generator Raycus(China), IPG(German)Optional  
2 Optical system Import Media diaphragm UK
3 Laser cutting head Quelle by QY China
4 Reducer Depends on production
5 Water chiller Over-flow protection, temperature stability ± 0.5 ℃, green two-cycle water-cooled machine, titanium evaporation control cold Wuhan, China
6 Mechanical driving system Rack&Pinion, Bevel type ATLANTA, German
7 Button Module Schneider German
8 AC Contactor Schneider German
9 Solenoid Valve Airtec Taiwan
10 High precision auto-sensor Accuracy ±0.1mm China
11 PC System Industrial control EVOC, Taiwan
12 X axis servo unit 800W or 1000W servo single driving Yaskawa or Fuji, Japan               
13 Y axis servo unit 1800W or 2000W servo dual driving Yaskawa or Fuji, Japan               
14 Z axis servo unit 400W servo single driving              750W for head with auto focus Yaskawa or Fuji, Japan               
15 Electric Proportion Schneider German
16 Cutting Software、Height Controller Cypcut(support English language, file formate .dxf, PLT, Gerber, AI and so on) Shanghai,China
17 I/O Card 32 points China
18 Table Strictly make table with hardening, tempering and anealing treamtment to ensure no deformation during long time production Body welded sheet thickness 12mm China
Technical Parameter
1 Laser Wavelength 1070nm  
2 Maximum Power 1000W  
3 Power Consumption 12KW  
4 Laser Repeat Frequency CW  
5 Max Acceleration 1.0G  
6 Min Linewidth 0.2mm(for materials with thickness less than 0.4mm)  
7 Max.Cutting Speed refer to the cutting parameter table  
8 Max.Cutting Thickness * M.S: max 10mm, 8mm for mass production                                                                           * S.S: max 5mm, and 4mm by N2 for mass production                                                                                                                                                                        
9 Continued Working Time ≥20 hours  
10 Max.Cutting Dimension 1500mm×3000mm  
11 Wortable Cutting Accuracy ±0.03mm  
12 Repeated Positioning Precision ±0.02mm  
13 Power Supply Three-phase 5 wires AC 380V±5%,50Hz±1%  
14 Software Software with excerpts cutting function  

Cutting samples  

sample of laser cutting result

Applicable material range

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, pickled plate, copper and other metal pipe cutting.

Application Field

Widely used in advertising signs production, chassis cabinets, sheet metal structure, metal processing, electrical switchgear production, textile machinery, food mechanization, kitchen utensils, lamps, cars, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, Aerospace, metal, knife measuring and other industries.

Machine Feature Advantage

1, standard cutting, with physical marking, marking function;

2, the rapid response of following on the surface, the laser cutting head equiped with imported capacitance non-contact height tracking system, responsive, accurate, to avoid the collision between cutting head and plate, and to ensure the cutting focus position, to ensure cutting quality and stability;

3, leapfrog exercise to improve cutting efficiency, cutting back function, allowing the operator to find out the immediate return when the cut is leakaged, linear / circular interpolation and slotting compensation function, the software has a manual or automatic nesting function;

4, To thin plate, cutting flight scanning drilling cutting function to improve the cutting speed;

5, high-speed response to the laser power to ensure the corner cutting corner quality, improved

6, edge detection: his function allows the cutting head positioned in the appropriate edge of the plate position, can automatically monitor its position and direction, so that the operator can automatically adjust according to the plate;

7, the laser cutting head can withstand 3.0Mpa gas pressure, high-pressure gas pipeline equipment increases the cutting ability for stainless steel and other materials which is difficult to cut

8, the machine has an automatic partition smoke system, smoke effect is good, pollution is small;

9, the system highly integrated, easy operation and maintenance, to meet the 24-hour industrial production needs;

10, the machine base: machine table is steel plate welded, after high-temperature annealing, processed by import large-scale milling machine precision machining, the machine has excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability ;

11, slagging system: there’s collecting device under the table, to collect wastage during production and small cutting pieces;

12, chillers is with good function of safety protection, with over-temperature, phase, pressure, water, under voltage, overload and other protection; stable performance, easy to maintain, in line with the cooling requirements of the laser. All core components are imported components.

Detailed configuration and HD photo

1. LASER: both famous Laser producer with good quality and good service

1.1 German IPG   

1.2 China Raycus  

2.Quelle Cutting Head

3. CNC controller system

Cypcut software is made by Friendess

                                              Cypcut CNC controller compact structure with the modules. Widely used in the laser cut field, easily learning and convenient operation

CypCut laser cutting control system (CypCut for short) is a set of system software designed for plane laser cutting, including laser cutting process, common layout function and laser processing control, most of its functions are applied in graphics processing, parameter settings, custom cutting process editing, layout, path layer planning, simulation and cutting process control.

4, German Atlanta rack&pinion  precision Bevel type

1、Germany ATLANTA rack adopts the most advanced grinding tooth technology, precision grade DIN5 level, which is highest accuracy in the world for mass production;

2、the grinding accuracy Accumulation error 0.012mm / 300mm (any 300mm);

3、bevel tooth type, to adapt to various conditions, dust-proof, ensure long-term high-precision movement

4、with heat treatment, support a variety of strength;

5. Japan Yaskawa, Fuji or Panasonic Servo Motor

、使用斜齿轮实现安静的运转;2、背隙1 Equipment adopts YASKAWA servo motor as drive motor, YASKAWA motor with its stable performance is widely used in the industries of laser cutting, QY laser covers rich experience in servo motor applications, to ensure that the laser cutting machine has the best matching of inertia ratio and the fastest acceleration, the machine is in the best working state.

6.    Contactor


7.  Water Chiller

1、External cooling water circulation system, with de-ionizer, filter, temperature control, to avoid frequent replacement of circulating water;

2、Cooling capacity of 8500W, the choice of environmentally friendly refrigerant;

3、Temperature control accuracy ±1℃;

4、Intelligent temperature controller has two temperature control mode, for different use occasions; a variety of settings and fault display;

5、With a variety of alarm protection: compressor delay protection; compressor over-current protection; water flow alarm; temperature high / low alarm;

6、Multi – national power specifications, CE \ RoHS certification;

7、Longevity and durability, easy to operate,

8、Optional heater and purified water configuration.

8. Steel plate welding table

Using the finite element and the dynamic simulation analysis of the high-strength bed, the deformation of the beam is less than 0.015mm under working with acceleration 1.5G and the stress is eliminated by the T6 heat treatment

The table is with high rigidity, good reliability and high efficiency of cutting performance. The overall layout is compact, reasonable, small footprint.

Quality Control

1, Each screw is tightened according to the standard

2, Each reducer will be checked and calibrated for output axis flatness, roundness and coaxiality, and the installation of each pinion is controlled within the accuracy range.

3, Each guide rail is calibrated with a collimator

4, The accuracy of splicing at every two racks is controlled within 0.01mm

5, Each steel plate welding machine must be fine welding and meticulous grinding

6,Each steel plate welding machine should be T6 heat treatment to eliminate stress

7, After tempering treatment, each steel plate welding machine tools will be sent into gantry machining center processing, to ensure that the machine straightness and flatness

8, After installation and adjustment, the machine will be checked with API laser interferometer produced by the United States and accuracy of compensation to ensure the machine walking accuracy and repeat positioning precision.

CNC Fiber Laser for cutting sheet and tube 

Machine Working Environment

1、Power requirements three-phase, five wires; AC380V;50Hz;

2、Power grid fluctuation: ± 3%, power grid in line with international requirements. Area with voltage amplitude more than 5%, should consider to use voltage stabilizer, steady flow device and phase-failure protection device

3、Power ground resistance: ≤ 3 ohms

4、Air dust less than 0.01g / CBM

5、There should be no strong electromagnetic interference near the installation area, and there should be no any radio transmitter station (or relay station)

6、Foundation amplitude: less than 50um; vibration acceleration: less than 0.05g. A large number of punching and pressing and other machine tools near around is not allowed.

7、Equipment space requirements smoke-free dust-free, to avoid dust and other metal polishing grinding serious working environment;

8、Gas pressure(pressure different according to different materials)

(1)Dry filtered air:1Mpa – 1.3Mpa;

(2)O2:0.4Mpa -0.8Mpa;

(3)N2: 0.8Mpa-1.2Mpa;

9、Some environments should be installed anti-static floor;

10、Strict requirements is need for the quality of water circulating cooling water, require the use of pure water, deionized water or distilled water, can not use tap water, mineral water and other high metal ions or other minerals in water.

For further information about laser cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, shearing machine, press brake, bending machine, plate bending machine, profile bending machine, hydraulic press, power press, slitting line, cut to length line, beam drilling line, angle punching line, bandsaw, handling equipment, etc. please contact me:

Saldy Kurniawan, phone: +6281345026234 (WA) or +62815822116234 or email to

Mesin Bandsaw COSEN tipe SH250R

“COSEN” Semi-Automatic Hinge-Type Horizontal Bandsaw Model: SH-250R 

The SH-250R is a large capacity; compact size machine requires less floor space when compared to other machines with the same capacity (10″). Featuring power roller feeding, hydraulic powered saw head,  this economical automatic band saw is an excellent choice for a diverse job shop

250 mm (10”)
230 x 230 mm (9” x 9”)
230 H x 250 W mm (9” x 10”)
50Hz: 19, 31, 48, 78 mpm (62, 101, 157, 256 fpm)
60Hz: 23, 37, 58, 93 mpm (75, 121, 190, 305 fpm)
3350 x 27 x 0.9mm  (132” x 1” x 0.035”)
Carbide Blade Guide
Powered Wire Brush
Saw blade
2 HP ( KW)
Vise Roller
1/4 HP (0.18 KW)
1/4 HP (0.18 KW)
1/8 HP (0.1 KW)
Hydraulic oil
Power roller vise
480 kg
580 kg
Floor Space
1820 x 900 x 1040 mm


SH-250R Machine Features
Machine Structure:
Oversized hydraulic cylinder supports the rugged saw frame with heavy-duty universal ball joint accomplishing smooth & consistent down feed through the entire cutting cycle.  Special wear resistant DU bushing works inside the precision bore solid cast hinge and ground pivot shaft to ensure durability and long useful life.
Blade Drive:
The gearbox is specially designed to accept high lateral pressure. the Cosen design accepts more pressure during operation and will not create thermal distortion, providing long gearbox life under production conditions.
Step variable blade speed
Blade Guidance & Lubrication System:
Carbide blade guides with roller bearings pre-align the blade before entering carbide blade guides. This feature reduces wear on blade guides and blade, thus enhancing blade life.
The rigid guide arms are mounted on an extra wide dovetail slide for more solid and supportive surface. It also allows easy adjustment of guide arms.
One roller supports the blade from the top, giving it extra penetrating force. The carbide guides are relieved to allow coolant flow to lubricate and cool the blade as well as work piece.
Integral coolant system.
Adjustable  powered wire brush effectively removes chips from blade gullet.
Control & Automation:
The feed rate may be adjusted by setting the dial between 0 and 10. It allows adjustment feed rate according to the varying material types, which results in longer blade life, shorter cutting times, and better finishes.
A work height selector is located over the hydraulic cylinder and is used to adjust the blade to minimum clearance height over the work.
The control panel is clearly arranged and conveniently located on front of the machine, eliminating the need for the operator to reach over a moving blade. 
Out-of-stock switch
“Save-a-Blade.” At the end of a cut, when the blade is at its lowest position, the stock automatically backs off from the blade slightly to allow the blade to clear the work on its return to the starting position. This special “Save-a-Blade” feature prevents tooth deformities by eliminating this undesirable abrasion.
Preset piece counter with automatic power off
Interlock design in electrical and hydraulic system prevents the saw from accidental start
Conduits protect all exposed electric wiring and hydraulic circuits.  All access doors and blade guards are painted alert orange for increased safety awareness.
Standard Accessories:
Adjustable material stop
Additional flushing hose for cleaning
Bi-metal saw blade
Tool Box with tools, leveling pads, and an additional wire brush
Operation & parts manual
 Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin, terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (swing beam shearing), gunting plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching or turret punching), press (stamping), deep drawing (hydraulic press), plasma cutting (potong plasma), laser, water jet, marking, engraving, dll. termasuk Mesin Bandsaw COSEN anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email atau, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih.

Mesin Laser Potong Cutting Plat merk Golden Laser type YAG

Mesin Laser Merk Golden Laser type YAG
Mesin Laser Merk Golden Laser type YAG

 “Golden Laser” Large – Scale Metal Laser Cutting Machine type GJMSJG-150300DT 800W
Main Technical Parameters
Laser type
YAG lamp pump solid state laser generator
Laser Wave length
1064 nm
Laser power
800 W
Effective Cutting area
1500mm x 3000 mm
Working Table
Saw tooth working table (pneumatic clamp and pneumatic loading device are for optional)
Moving system
Digital offline control system, YASKAWA servo motor, ABBA high precision ball screw and REXROTH linear guide transmitting system
Laser Head
Suspension type anti collision head imported from Australia
Lubrication System
Automatic Lubrication System
Cutting Speed with cooling compressed filter air
0 – 50 mm/s, speed change due different metal, different thickness
Choose cooling compressed filtered gas as cutting gas, then need
Air compressor + air refrigerated dryer + gas holder (for optional)
Choose other cutting gases
Industrial O2 and Industrial N2
Min cutting kerf
0.15 mm (1 mm thickness)
Min bore diameter
0.2 mm (1 mm thickness)
Position accuracy
± 0.05 mm
Max groove depth
8-10mm carbon steel, 6-8mm stainless steel, 3-4mm alumunium, 2-3mm brass and cooper
Cooling system
Full scale interior circulation air condition, enduring high and low temperature type water chiller system
Format supported
Golden laser professional laser cutting and automatic nesting software
Power supply
380V±5% 50HZ
Main power/Whole power
22 kW 
Mesin laser Potong Cutting Plat merk Golden Laser type YAG  ini bisa dilengkapi untuk pemotongan pipa (laser pipe cutting) dengan tambahan biaya tentunya.
golden laser line production.rz
Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin, terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih. atau


Mesin Potong Gunting Plat Hidrolik merk YSD

Mesin Potong Gunting Plat Hidrolik merk YSD


” YSD” Hydraulic Guillotine Shear type: HGN 31/13
1.      Technical Specification :
                                                     HGN 31/13
Mild steel (45 / kg / mm²)        :        13 mm
Cutting length                         :    3100 mm
Max. cutting force                   :      580 KN
Back gauge travel                    :    1000 mm
Rake angle adjustment            : 0.5-2.5 degree
Strokes per minute                  :     7-35
Number of hold-downs           :        13
Frame throat                            :      100 mm
Motor power: (380v,50Hz)     :        15 kw
Volume of oil tank                  :      449 L
Weight                                     :    8700 kgs
Length of machine                  :    3860 mm
Width of machine                   :    1960 mm
Height of machine                   :    2320 mm
2.   Standard Equipments on the Main machine:
2.1    Frame structure
Full welded steel structure, stress released, with rigidity and reliability well kept.
Main component is designed and Finite Element Analyzed through ANSYS/UG software.
Main frame composes of uprights, working table, holding-down beam and oil tank.
2.2    Upper blade beam and
Guillotine type blade beam, with rake angle adjustable.
The rake angle adjusted through press button according to material and thickness.
When shearing thin thickness sheet, the rake angle could be reduced, thus the distortion of the product and the burr could be minimized. 
2.3    Blades
Exchangeable Rectangle blade, with 4 cutting edges available on each blade. 
Blade material 6CrW2Si with hardness HRC56-60, with quality shearing result and long life.
YSD quality blade is suitable for cutting both mild steel and stainless steel.
2.4    Shearing length/stroke adjustment
The shearing stroke could be adjusted through knob according to the length of the product. Thus efficiency and productivity could be improved when cutting shorter length product.
2.5    Cutting beam guiding and blade clearance
The cutting beam is guided between roller guides. At the rear of the cutting beam there are two sets of upper and lower roller guides located at each end of the beam.
Two spring-loaded rollers located at the front of the shear apply pressure to the cutting beam, forcing it against the back roller guides.
The bearings of the upper roller guides at the back of the cutting beam are mounted on an eccentric shaft. Rotating this shaft causes the cutting beam to tilt, thus providing proper blade clearance to the shearing blades.
The upper cutting beam inclined forward, with high section-cutting quality on the product.
The blades clearance could be adjusted manually by hand-wheel according to material and thickness.
2.6    Shadow line lighting
It is clear with shadow line lighting for a close and accurate view of the cutting line.
2.7    Hydraulic system
Compact hydraulic system for is adopted. Integrated mono-block valve group and worldwide famous valves and seals are adopted for reliability, and the pipeline and connections are reduced to the minimum level to ensure minimum maintenance.
With in-series cylinders to achieve good synchronization movement of the top blade beam.
The sheet is pressed by hold-down cylinders before shearing for safety and reliability during shearing.
Over-load protection for the safety of hydraulic system by adopting relief valve.
Hydraulic valve is from REXROTH, Germany or VICKERS, USA
Oil seals from NOK, Japan or MERKEL, Germany. With minimum wear and tear, no oil leakage.
High-pressure internal gear pump from VOITH, Germany or NACHI, Japan, with reliability, efficiency and low noise.
2.8    Hydraulic cylinder and piston
The following process guarantee the quality of the main cylinder: Hammer hot forging—Rough shaping—precision machining by CNC lathe—CNC cylindrical grinding for roundness—Super fine machining on horning machine for smoothness.
2.9    Electrical system
Electrical design according to YSD standard and meet customer’s requirement.
With air-fan inside electrical cabinet.
Main electrical components (contactor and switch) adopt product from TELEMECHANIQUE, France.
2.10 Back gauge
Motorized controlled back gauge with electrical display.
2.11 Working table
Transporter ball and supporting bar mounted on working table.
One squaring arm with scale and disappearing stop, length 1500 mm.
3.      Safety device:
Fence guard for preventing finger being cut. With safety switch.
One set of movable remote foot switch with emergency stop switch.
4.      Requirement on working condition:
Working temperature             :    -10 to 45
Power supply                         :    380V±5%, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Control voltage                      :    24V, DC
5.      Key parts:
Pump                                      :    NACHI, Japan or VOITH, Germany
Hydraulic valve                      :    REXROTH, Germany or VICKERS, USA
Hydraulic seals                       :    NOK, Japan or MERKEL, Germany
Main electrical parts               :    TELEMECHANIQUE, France
6.      Standard accessories:
Nitrogen filling tool.
Foundation bolt
Adjustment wedge
Butter filling gun.
7.   Shearing Accuracy of cutting piece :
Parallelism                        :     ≤0.2mm/1000mm
Linearity                           :     ≤ 0.4mm/1000mm
Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang Mesin Potong Gunting Plat Hidrolik merk YSD, termasuk juga  diskusi tentang hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya di nomor HP 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email, saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih.

Mesin Shearing / Potong / Gunting Plat Hidrolik Merk YSD

 Mesin Shearing / Potong / Gunting Plat Hidrolik Merk YSD


Features :
Mesin ini dibuat berdasarkan teknologi dari LVD, Belgia.
Frame dan Cutting Beam
disambung dengan bingkai las dengan sistem pelepas tegangan dan getaran untuk memastikan stabilitas dan akurasi
Sistem hidrolik terintegrasi canggih dengan kehandalan yang sangat baik
Dilengkapi dengan oveload protector.  
Komponen listrik dipilih sesuai dengan DIN atau standar ISO
Pisau balok di guide dengan tiga pasang rol sehingga tepi potongan yang akurat, lurus, vertikal dapat diperoleh. Jadi gesekan antara pisau atas dan bawah berkurang.
Lampu dengan bayangan garis untuk acuan posisi potong yang tepat
hidrolik untuk menjepit lembaran baja selama geser.
Standard Accessories :
1. Balok penyangga di meja, untuk memudahkan pengangkutan dan mengurangi kerusakan pada permukaan lembaran baja.
2. Satu set pisau persegi panjang yang berkualitas untuk memotong baja ringan, masing-masing dilengkapi dengan 4 sisi pemotong yang bisa dibalik untuk memperpanjang keawetan.
3. Back gauge dilengkapi motor dengan tampilan digital.
4. Satu lengan balok dengan skala di sisi kiri meja.
5. Pagar keamanan untuk mencegah jari terpotong.
6. pemeliharaan alat.
7. Satu buku petnjuk penggunaan dan pemeliharaan dalam bahasa Inggris.

Key Component :
Solenoid valves : Rexroth, Germany or Vickers, USA.
Seals : NOK, Japan
Electric components : Telemecanique, France.
Pump : CAMEL , Taiwan.
Roller Wheel : NEDELLA, Switzerland.
Max. shearing capacity
Mild steel (45kg / mm²)         :         8  (mm)
Stain lees steel (60kg/mm²)   :         6  (mm)
Cutting length                        :    3100 (mm)
Max. cutting force                  :     275  (kN)
Back gauge range                   :     750  (mm)
Rake angle adjustment           :   0.5 ~ 2.5 (º)
Stroke per minute                   :   15 – 45
Frame throat                           :     100  (mm)
Number of hold downs           :      13
Volume of oil tank                  :      350 (I)
Motor power (380V/50HZ)    :        11 (kW)
Approx weight                        :    7900 (kg)
  • Length                            : 3755 (mm)
  • Width                             :  1848 (mm)
  • Height                            :  2180 (mm)

Jika anda tertarik membeli atau berencana investasi atau sekedar diskusi tentang mesin Shearing / Potong / Gunting Plat Hidrolik Merk YSD. Terutama dalam hal pengerjaan plat logam (sheet metal fabrication), seperti mesin bending (press brake), potong plat (guillotine shearing), potong sudut (notching), roll plat (roll bending machine), pon (punching), press (stamping), plasma cutting (potong plasma) dll. anda bisa menghubungi saya SALDY KURNIAWAN di nomor HP: 081345026234 / 085822116234 atau email atau

Saya dengan senang hati berbagi pengetahuan tentang hal tersebut, terima kasih.

gambar pabrik mesin shearing dan bending YSD di Huangshi
gambar pabrik mesin shearing dan bending YSD di Huangshi