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Mesin V Cutting Grooving Machine

“ Eul Ji “ CNC V-Grooving Machine M/C Type : EJSP V – 4000

mesin v cutting grooving merk eul ji dari korea
mesin v cutting grooving merk eul ji dari korea

Technical Specification :

Height of the equipment : 1550 mm
Width of the equipment : 2150 mm
Length of the equipment : 6100 mm
Size of the table : 1570 x 4200 mm
Height of the table : 750 mm
Ability to process : 1250 x 4050 mm
Capacity of the memory : CH 10000 C 500A
Maximum working speed : 52 M / Min
Display Monitor : LCD Display
Institution unit : 0.01mm x 0.03 mm
Clamp system : Hydraulic
Power supply : 220/380,
Mitsubishi Servo & Drive : 400W /3EA
Motor : 5HP
Weight of the equipment : 7500 Kg

Features :

• Clamp system of this Equipment is Hydraulic System.
• It was produced with emphasizing stability, firmness and convenience.
• It was designed and produced to process both of length direction and width direction
• Transfer of tool stand and bite created AC Servo Motor.
• 3 Axis ( X1, X2, Z ) CNC control
• Working system : 3 Axis L/m Guide & ball Screw ( bosch, rexroth )
• Auto selection function of A,B,C find crack out
• Able to operate for bengineer with convenient methode of operating and the program
• Able to emergency treat will self-diagnosis function when an errors occurs

Jika anda tertarik atau berencana membeli mesin V cutting grooving machine, anda dapat Tanya mesin fabrikasi yang sesuai terlebih dahulu dengan saya.

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